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    Valcon Industries offers the highest quality products and service on the market today.

    Since 1979, our team has provided superior service to our customers, and we have routinely exceeded our client's expectations when assisting them in achieving their goals.


    About FlexCrete

    If you use concrete... you need FlexCrete!!

    We manufacture FlexCrete, a 2 part modified cement admix for use in all concrete settings.. repairs, restoration and new construction. FlexCrete is a flexible, cementitious product which helps prevent cracking, bonds to almost everything with incredible strength and has excellent resistance to degradation by chemical exposure. It resists salt, mold and mildew. It is ideal for swimming pools, decks, concrete repairs, overlays, parking garages, curbs, parging, seawalls, balcony repairs, plaster, as a stucco and EIF additive, polished floors etc.

    There is no single product equal to it. Visit our ..Projects.. page and click on the ..more.. button to see where and how FlexCrete is being used.


    News & Events

    Come visit us at our booth!

    We are busy preparing for the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo 2012 in New Orleans Nov 6 - 8, 2012 and Orlando Pool & Spa Show 2013 in Orlando, Florida Feb 15 & 16, 2013. We will be handing out tote bags at these shows. You could win FREE product if we spot you carrying your Valcon FlexCrete tote bag!! Looking forward to meeting you!

    Dillon Pools, Florida is featured on the cover of U.S. Builders Review Magazine. Dillon Pools Inc. is using FlexCrete exclusively before final finishes on all of their projects, above ground and below ground. The following is a short list of recent projects by Dillon Pools Inc., Sunshine Towers-Miami Beach Florida, James Royal Palm Hotels-Miami Beach Florida, Paramount Bay Condo-Miami Beach Florida, Ritz Carlton Hotel-Miami Beach Florida, Edison Hotel-Miami Beach Florida, The Lofts ll-Miami Beach Florida, Las Olas Riverhouse-Ft Lauderdale Florida, The Dean Residence-Miami Beach Florida, Progresso Point Condo-Ft Lauderdale Florida.

  • testimonials

    Robert Zulich Vice-President – Operations

    June 2012

    From the first apartment building purchased in 1965, Zulich Enterprises Limited has earned a solid reputation as landlords and property managers in the community. The graduation from residential property to general real estate development was a natural transition. With over 1000 apartment units, 300,000 sq.ft of prime office and retail leasing space and developments city wide, Zulich Enterprises Limited continues to grow and diversify to satisfy the changing needs of the City of Greater Sudbury. One of our buildings was scheduled for general maintenance and we were introduced to FlexCrete when picking up supplies for the job. The repair included cracks, spalling, winter wear and tear, general repair. This job was a 25,000 sq. ft. ground floor parking garage. We applied FlexCrete by trowel and in some areas by spray gun. The repair took less time and the product coverage was excellent. Two years later, the FlexCrete repair is in perfect condition. No delamination, no cracking. We have used many products, without these results. Our environment is harsh and most overlayments are done on a yearly basis. Using FlexCrete has cut our maintenance costs. We will be using FlexCrete for all of our maintenance/repair work. The bulk of repair cost is always product and labor, FlexCrete reduced our costs and gave us a repair that lasts and looks great. FlexCrete return to service time is also fast, bringing us back to saving time and money on repairs and down time. We understand that FlexCrete can be used in many other applications and we intend to continue using it. Our best regards.

    Moe Corriveau, General Manager

    National Group and National Supply Centers Ltd is the FlexCrete Distributor for all of Northern Ontario, Canada. We supply and recommend FlexCrete to the construction and concrete industry for a wide variety of applications. With over 30 years of experience and expertise in construction and supply, clients such as Inco, Vale, Xstrada depend on us. We supply FlexCrete to Vale Mines for their two part water stop system. The two part system includes a Precon Membrane mechanically fastened, followed by FlexCrete sprayed over the membrane. Valcon Industries specifically formulated 'FlexCrete Mine Spray' to flow through the pressure sprayers used in this application to provide maximum coverage. efficiency and convenience for spraying all surfaces including overhead and crevices. FlexCrete is the only product that performs to and exceeds all requirements.

    I attend on-site meetings at Vale Mine to evaluate and advise solutions. Recently, we applied FlexCrete by spray gun on the ceiling of an underground office to re direct water, successfully. All previous attempts before our evaluation were unsuccessful.

    I invite you to contact me with any questions regarding FlexCrete and the application process.

    Michael Anderson, President -- Anderson & Sons' Construction Ltd.

    I have been working with FlexCrete for a number of years and I am now a Master Applicator and Trainer. Vale Mines has contracted me to apply the FlexCrete system. I have over 30 years experience in the construction industry. After being introduced to FlexCrete by Moe Corriveau from National Supply, I began using it on different applications ranging from parging, overlayments in parking lots, parking garages, balconies, stamped concrete walkways, possitive/negative water pressure situations, retaining walls etc, and I use FlexCrete exclusively now. Because of the versatility of the product, I became a certified applicator – Note my certification below from Valcon Industries

    As the approved applicator/trainer in Northern Ontario, I attended meetings at Vale to provide a ‘hands-on’ opinion regarding the use of the FlexCrete system. This is a project where FlexCrete is the only system I would use. It is blended for use with our high performance spray guns to accommodate the mining industry and their unique environment.

    Todd Reeves, Vice President, Sales and Marketing -- Premix Marbletite, Pompano Beach, Florida

    As Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, I oversee each product we carry. Adding FlexCrete to our product line has increased our revenue almost immediately. The service and support from Valcon Industries is timely and professional. In our industry, customer service and product quality are paramount. Adding FlexCrete has given our clients a leading edge in their businesses. At Premix Marbletite, we are known for superior quality product lines and FlexCrete is now a part of that. I would like to personally thank the FlexCrete team for their hard work and outstanding service. I look forward to a long relationship together.

    Maurice Corriveau, General Manager,National Supply Centre Ltd., Sudbury, Ontario

    At National Supply Centre Ltd., it is always our objective to find new and superior product lines to give us that competitive edge. We found this immediately in the Valcon products. The product holds no comparison to others whatsoever. Because of the Flexcrete product, we have landed many large scale projects with total satisfaction from our client base. National Concrete Pumping The products are simple to use, address many issues and contain NO VOC's. Every day, we get new inquiries and find new applications, leading to "Customer Satisfaction" and more sales. We have sold Valcon products to our contractors for underground mining applications, pools, mall sidewalk repairs, parging, precast repairs, parking deck overlays. The possibilities and applications are endless !! We, at National Supply Centre Ltd. are proud distributors of the Valcon Industries lines. Great job, Valcon and great customer support !!

    Product overview



    FSX-1/2 and FX-180


    "Patent Pending"


    Important Downloads

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    PDF Document Downloads:

    FlexCrete Brochure (PDF)
    FlexCrete Specifications (PDF)
    Features & Benefits (PDF)
    FSX2 (PDF)
    Product and System Comparison Analysis (PDF)
    Exfoliation and Reduction Of Chlorides In A Concrete Substrate (PDF)
    FSX2 System Technical Overview (PDF)
    Contact head office for pricing.

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  • Our Clients

    Genesis 3 (U.S.A.)

    John Abell Corporation (U.S.A.)

    VanKirk Pools (U.S.A.)

    client list

    our projects

    FlexCrete has been used for various applications on the following projects:

    BNE - Mississauga Civic Centre
    Paul Giangualano
    Peabody Hotel
    Orlando, Florida
    Tim Van Kirk
    Van Kirk Pools

    FlexCrete used in the resort pool water overflow.

    Miami, Florida
    Tim Van Kirk
    Van Kirk Pools

    FlexCrete used for high performance control of the water over flow system.

    Beverly Hills Hotel
    Beverly Hills, California
    Christmas Star
    John Cohen

    FlexCrete used in the construction of private pool suites.

    Avatar Gardens
    Beverly Hills, California
    Christmas Star
    John Cohen

    FlexCrete use on various surfaces.

    Inco Mines
    Sudbury, Ontario
    National Supply Center
    Moe Corriveau

    FlexCrete used in a system to redirect water leakage to prevent damage to both machines and explosives in the mining environment.

    Miami, Florida
    Edwin Green Pools
    Ed Green

    Various surface applications.

    Holy Land Theme Park
    Orlando, Florida
    Tim Van Kirk
    Van Kirk Pools

    FlexCrete used in the construction and sealing of ponds/fountains.

    Trump Tower
    Toronto, Ontario
    G.R. Pool Marbelite Inc.

    FlexCrete used in a suspended pool to coat the pool surface as well as in the containment gutter system to prevent water over flow.

    Centennial College
    Scarborough, Ontario
    BNE Contracting

    FlexCrete used as a repair material for the concrete floor.

    29 The West Mall
    Etobicoke, Ontario
    KC Structural

    FlexCrete used as repair and overlayment for balcony repair on a multi story apartment building. Also used as parging on private residences.

    National Paving
    Ft Lauderdale, Florida

    FlexCrete used to overlay numerous indoor and outdoor public parking garages.

    Noel Home Improvements
    Toronto, Ontario

    FlexCrete used in various sidewalk, pathway restorations.

    projects gallery

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    Genesis 3

    Genesis 3 provides an International forum for continuing education and the establishment of higher standards in watershape design and construction


    The National Plasterers Council is dedicated to finding solutions to industry issues through honest research


    American Concrete Institute is one of the world's leading authorities on concrete technology. Member of the American Concrete Institute

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    Our partners provide innovative solutions for their projects so they can provide leading edge results to their clients. From the foundations to the finishing touches, we work together to provide the best concrete products, because our reputations are built on it !! Click below to find out more about our team

    our sales team





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    1845 New Highway
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    S & S POOLS
    929 Main Street
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    9 Sackville Road
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    P6B 4T3
    (705) 253-5646

    122 Dell Street
    Sudbury, Ontario
    P3C 2Y1
    (705) 674-4462



    Piscines Concept
    Gland, Switzerland

    Inducom Group (Central and South America)

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    International Presence

    We at Valcon Industries strive to make our products available around the world.

    Our products are being used not only across the United States and Canada but also in France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain, the Caribbean Islands and Panama.

    Our Research and Development Department is continually developing new products and testing for new applications.

    If you are interested in obtaining the most technologically advanced cementitious products in the world, click on the Contact Us Button and send us an email.

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    Valcon Industries is committed to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized use.

    We store and process your personal information on our computers in the US and Canada where our service providers are located, and we protect it by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable governmental regulations. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, we enforce physical access controls to our buildings and files, and we authorize access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities.

  • Representatives


    Chris Gunn, National Sales Director, U.S.A. (813) 505-5386 chrisg@gunnsales.com

    Northeast United States

    Fred Blanchard, (413) 530-2070 fred@comp3.net


    Chris Gunn, President/Sales Rep, (813) 505-5386 chrisg@gunnsales.com
    Jim Hartley, Gulf Coast Sales Rep, (813) 716-3116, jimh@gunnsales.com
    Chris Clayton, East Coast Sales Rep, (407) 256-0507, chrisc@gunnsales.com
    Brian Swinford, South Florida Sales Rep, (941) 204-2044, brians@gunnsales.com

    Western United States


    Blake Sales Head Office Vista,CA Office (760) 941-9100 www.blakesales.net
    John Grucky (602) 684-5202 john.grucky@blakesales.net
    Kevin Witt (909) 226-3081 kevin.witt@blakesales.net
    Mike Ramey (760) 586-1646 mjramey@blakesales.net
    Richard Sonnefeld (951) 775-2838 richard.sonnefeld@blakesales.net
    Ron Eager (360) 970-3233 ron.eger@blakesales.net


    Moe Corriveau, Director of Sales, Canada 705-626-7113 moe@valcon-industries.com

  • What is Half-Time?

    Half-Time is a revolution in pool plaster application.
    Plaster you spray on in half the time !

  • What is FlexCrete?

    FlexCrete is a high strength polymer admix that is easy to use and job site ready. Use FlexCrete in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction. Use FlexCrete liquid with FlexCrete Dry Mix or any other dry goods such as pool plasters to dramatically improve the quality, strength and durability of the finished product. FlexCrete can be used in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction.


    Add FlexCrete to all concrete repairs. Use FlexCrete for patching, feather edging, moisture resistant parging, overlayments, stamping, spalling. FlexCrete can be colored to meet end user requirements. FlexCrete can be poured into forms, trowelled vertically/overhead and sprayed using a variable mix for a wide variety of applications.


    Economical-reduced labor, product and touch up costs, high productivity, can be sprayed easily to gain quick application and high product yield, quick return to service. Bonds to virtually any surface and will not delaminate, maintains adhesion even under strain with no failure at bond line. Will not shrink on cure. Use regular concrete tools. Resistant to mold/mildew/salt intrusion.


    Surface must be clean, dry or damp, and free of loose material. Remove all dirt from area to be covered leaving a rough, clean surface. Surface should be power washed and can remain wet but avoid standing water. Keep an adequate supply of water on hand to keep equipment clean.


    FlexCrete can be finished by squeegee, spray, trowel or broom. Various mix design formulations are available based on specific applications. These include mix designs suitable for full depth (6"), incremental, partial depth (2"), or thin bonded overlay (1/16" to 1/2"). Surfaces can be smooth or high skid-resistant finished, feather edged and broom finish is easily obtainable with FlexCrete without adhesion loss. For over coating, allow 24 hours to cure before over coating. The cured surface needs no preparat n but must be clean before applying second level of product. Store material in a clean dry area away from direct heat. Setting time of the mixed material will be greatly accelerated if the components are stored in warm or hot environments, and conversely, the setting time is extended if the material is kept cool.


    Keep all materials dry. DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE MIX. Maintaining the mix ratio as supplied: one gallon of liquid to one bag of dry component will give a consistency suitable for most trowel applications; however the slump may be adjusted to the applicator's preference or to suit the specific job conditions by increasing either of the two components. DO NOT ADJUST THE SLUMP BY THE ADDITION OF WATER. Mix the two components by drill and paddle or mechanical means, let set 4 - 5 minutes, re-drill and then use.

    If you use concrete, You need FlexCrete !

  • More About Us

    Valcon Industries is committed to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized use.

    At Valcon Industries, we understand the changing needs of the concrete industry, and we also respect our planet. That is why our products are environmentally safe while consistently exceeding the highest standards of quality and durability within the industry.

    Concrete is everywhere in our world, and that is why we developed FlexCrete; the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly modified concrete available anywhere. To-day's concrete restoration and new construction projects demand an approach that has long lasting results at a reasonable cost. This revolutionary restoration and construction advantage allows builders, both large and small, to work in harmony with environmental regulations.

    Our concrete restoration system, FSX-1, FSX-2, FX-180, FlexCrete and X-Ten allows restoration and rehabilitation of existing concrete to at a fraction of the cost to replace. Our system is exclusive and proprietary. It allows restorative penetration of existing concrete to depths and levels unheard of in the industry.

    Through the use of Valcon Industry products, you can improve the quality and durability of your work, while establishing a solid reputation for your business, all without harming the environment. If you use concrete, you need FlexCrete!

  • FSX-1/2 & FX-180

    Valcon has partnered with ISRS (International Structure Restoration Systems) to bring to the market
    a revolutionary concrete restoration system that truly addresses virtually every problem
    associated with concrete, masonry and stone structures with a wide scope of protective qualities
    and essential attributes. The ISRS FlexCrete System is not simply waterproofing, it is the true
    execution of restorative and preservative technologies collectively assembled for exemplary long
    term results at a fraction of the cost of replacement!
    Please read the Comparative Analysis contained in the important Download section and contact us for
    more information on how you can be at the forefront of the billion dollar concrete restoration

  • More Clients

    Shasta Pools (U.S.A.)
    Florida Choice Contracting (U.S.A.)
    Zulich Enterprises Limited (Canada)
    Beta Enterprises (Cananda)
    Vale Frood Stobie Mine (Canada)
    Piscines Concept (Switzerland)
    PCS Gamma Industrie (France)
    Pool Patrol (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

  • More

    FlexCrete adds flexibility to the strength of concrete.

    FlexCrete can be used in either the construction stage of a project, or in repairing damage done to standard concrete.

    FlexCrete is job site ready, and it saves time in preparation.

    FlexCrete can be used on any surface without remixing, and it cures fast.

    FlexCrete is resistant to water, salt, mold, mildew and chemicals. This makes FlexCrete an ideal solution for protecting and repairing swimming pools and basements. FlexCrete can also be used to bridge cracks, and to prevent future cracks in standard concrete.

    FlexCrete stabilizes colours and protects from UV degradation while preserving the finish, even in harsh environments. FlexCrete can also be coloured.

    FlexCrete possesses both strength and flexibility because it is mixed directly with the concrete, allowing it to bind every particle for greater durability.

    FlexCrete is easy to affix to any surface, either by trowel, squeegee, or spray, and it can be applied as skim or layered coat. FlexCrete can also be used with Exterior Insulating Finish and Insulating Concrete Forms.

    FlexCrete has no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is environmentally friendly. FlexCrete is end-user friendly, and requires no special personal protective equipment when being applied.Today's concrete restoration and new construction projects demand FlexCrete.
    This revolutionary construction advantage allows builders both large and small to improve the quality and durability of their work, while establishing a solid reputation for their business; and all without harming the environment.

    Some uses for FlexCrete include
    Garage Floors
    Pool Decks
    Expanding Impregnated Foam System
    Crack Repairs
    Scratch Coat
    Interlocking Brick
    Chimney Repair
    Stamped Concrete

    Our clients are important to us, and they can always feel confident that we will go the extra mile to assist them in any way that we can. Superior customer service is the hallmark of Valcon Industries We are proud to serve you, and will work hard to earn your business.